Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Wino's First Steps

A wee bit of time here at the Wino and I've learned a few things:

Nice people finish last and so, apparently, do posts about nice things, judging by the anemic response to the last article. So far top posts have involved: stupid people, insane behavior, poo, and a certain undeserving celebrity.

Strictly wine posts don't work. I started off wanting to talk more about the business of wine buying but a couple things have hindered me: a) no one cares, and b) I can't seem to get fired up about it myself. I'd go to tastings and be like, "Wow, I should write something about this," and never get around to it. Now a story about crop dusting? I'll have that ready in a hour flat.

Other bloggers are super cool. They are at your left, check them out. Having some good laughs over their posts has helped me figure out what the hell this blog is about. And I've been surprised by how thoughtful and supportive they have been for this fledgling blog: Fly little wino, fly! 

Bitching about work is not only therapeutic, it has helped me identify things I need to "fix." Boss man and I had a long talk the other day on what we can improve on, and this weekend went pretty damn well as a result. My customers are still nuts of course, but having a positive work environment makes them more tolerable.

I've figured out what this blog is not. In response to that, I have a couple other projects in the works: One is a wine education web site that will attempt to make wine funny and interesting to your average non-caring server. I know a lot of people in the biz that need wine knowledge to increase their tippage, but don't want to pick up a book, and I don't blame them that shit is boring. The second project will be a photo/general life silliness site. Because people don't really want to look at pictures of my cats on a serving blog.

Thanks again for the views and positive comments! I'll get right back to writing more posts about doodie and inappropriate customers.
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  1. Now that's what I'm fuckin' talkin' about! Train wrecks are always more entertaining than stop-n-go traffic, after all. However, please don't deprive the readers of your invaluable experience. Having worked as a wine buyer and wine manager myself for many years, the topic isn't as dry as what others may presume. And limited comments doesn't always translate to zero readership. I, for one, like what you have to say. So bring on the cat photos!

  2. The truly juicy wine stuff I unfortunately can't really talk about as yet- too many eyes and ears out there, and I'm not sure if it's worth shooting myself in the foot for a few giggles. Vendors are horrible gossips, I think it's a requisite element for doing their jobs correctly.
    Oh yes, the cat photos are on. I recently shelled out for a nice camera, I need to put that expenditure to good use