Tuesday, November 6, 2012


     I didn't think this election would matter much to me, as I've become disenfranchised by our two-party system. Blah, blah, corporate interests A vs. corporate interests B, now choose the lesser of two evils. Woot. I haven't, as a result, done much research on the issues this election season.

     Yet all these bloggers with their logic and passion, the sight of lines outside of polling stations, the memory of when I was a Polysci student who gave a shit and worked the polls (not those kind, sickos)... Today I'm feeling pretty damn guilty- Past all the presidential drama exists a simple, important issue: the act of voting. We can't take for granted that we have the right to vote in this country. If more people voted things could possibly change. And if people actually followed politics and researched issues, well, things really could change. I can't give up because things have gotten so dumbed down.

     I promise to do my homework next election, I swear. No more whining.

Not-so-secretly a monster

If you dislike Ann Coulter as much as I do, and if you watch the show Grimm, you might enjoy this comic I made for Ramble:
Beware the Ann Coulterbiest

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  1. Love the cartoon. I LOVE Grimm.

    You didn't vote? Forty lashes, my friend! In the end, it's okay 'cuz the good guy won. I promised myself that I would not stay glued to the television with one eye and reddit with the other all night on Tuesday... and then I broke my promise. I guess I just can't trust myself.

    1. Well, i had a little kerfuffle over being registered in the wrong county that I didn't resolve in time, oops. Don't worry I'm in California, our electoral votes were already shipped toward blue!
      Typically I vote third party, cause I'd like to see someone outside the big two eventually get more funding and a place on the debate stage. Still, I was happy to see Bammers win, and see how crestfallen and morose the Fox News commentators were about it.

  2. Excellent cartoon! Brilliant, perfectly written, totally professional ... quite damning.