Saturday, September 29, 2012

Google Wha?

Some genuinely entertaining search terms have been appearing in my blog's Google Analytics of late. For the uninitiated, this program tracks a website's traffic stats, including whatever random stuff someone typed in Google that led them to my page. I've started writing down the funniest searches:

"Buddha hippie weed"   Okay, I guess I rag on hippies a lot

"wife fucks wino"  Lol, poor guy, whoever this is

"the drunk wino restaurant blog"  Interestingly phrased but accurate

"smeagol drinking"  That would be this post

"winter dream wino"  How romantic. Makes me picture a figurine of a passed out vagrant in a snow globe submit to reddit


  1. "Makes me picture a figurine of a passed out vagrant in a snow globe." I love your writing! Level with us ... what's your background? You might be the next Joan Didion or Virginia Wolfe (Lillian Hellman maybe?)... but how/when did you start?

    1. Heh, if there's an aura of professionalism to the writing on this page I have to thank a couple picky journalism professors of mine back in college. And I did run a (very) small newspaper out of my garage once.
      I've always struggled with longer writing pieces, but I hope eventually this is something I'll be good at. For now I'll keep at the bite-sized rant thing :P

  2. I spend hours giggling at my Google search terms. I sincerely doubt the 99% realize the information that's collected about them and their browsing (porn) habbits. I published my own Zeitgeist a few months ago with some of the more comical search terms and plan to do so again soon. Love the blog M!

    1. Nothing is stranger than real life, love it. I will say I recently stumbled on some super funny ones posted on Cerebral Milkshake. It's pretty hard to beat such gems as "price of a midget butler" and "1000 ways to die with a vibrator"